New Type of Propellers Tested By Detra

new type of propellersWe succesfully concluded the sea trial of a M/Y Benetti equipped with a built-up propeller developed by DETRA. This type of propeller was developed through a research project titled “Study and development of a innovative propulsion system with built-up blades, highly efficient, particularly for hybrid  and electric propulsion systems in nautical context”, which was co-funded by F.E.S.R. (European Fund for Regional Development).

new type of propellers

This project provided the prototype of built-up propeller which was installed on board, with help by the Naval, Electric, Electronic and Communication Engeneering Department (DITEN) at the University of Genoa., by using the most modern technolgies available. Among these are: the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) to determine the stress on the blades; the finite-elements calculations to determine the stress on the connection between blades and hub; and the manufacturing via numerical controlled miling to obtain the highest precision possible.

new type of propellersThis type of propellers allows to work on the blades and the hub separately, connecting them with a series of bolts. This allows us to facilitate their manufacturing, movimantation and maintainance over the ship’s life, for example by replacing the single blade if necessary, while still keeping the vessel in the water.